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Barbed Wire Fence

Triplitt Fencing offers quality barbed wire fence installation for residential, agricultural, commercial, and industrial applications in the Oklahoma City area. Barbed wire fencing is easily customized, versatile, and affordable to give your OKC property the security you're looking for at a price that won't break the bank.

When you call the pros at Triplitt Fencing, you'll not only get a strong fence, but we also offer:

  • Free estimates
  • Warranty protection
  • Expert attention to detail
  • Discounts for military and first responders
  • Licensed, bonded, and insured

Our team of experienced fencing specialists at Triplitt Fencing is committed to delivering strong, high-quality fencing for Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas. We know you have a lot of options for barbed wire fence installation in the OKC area, but we invite you to discover the difference when you call Oklahoma's stronger choice - Triplitt Fencing.

Barb Wire Fencing Installation

Barb wire fencing is simple, inexpensive, and effective and can provide your Oklahoma City property with the security you need. The fencing specialists at Triplitt Fencing use hands-on methods and professional tricks of the trade to construct a strong barbed wire fence that will stand up to the elements and stand the test of time. From our reinforced posts to our screw-in construction to our added attention to detail, we put our hands on every piece of material we use to ensure custom quality for your barbed wire fence installation project.

In addition to barbed wire fence installation, we offer sheet metal fence installation, wood fencing, ornamental iron fencing, and more - all custom-built to the highest standards of quality! Call us today at 405-669-6015 to request a free quote in the OKC area.


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Fence Building With Barbed Wire

Barbed wire was originally intended to control pastures on the open prairie in the later part of the 1800s. Wood fences were costly, and there weren't many natural resources available like trees or rocks for stone walls. Barb wire fencing evolved from early wire fencing, and the addition of double-strand construction and the attachment of the barb played a transformative role in the cattle industry. Today, barbed wire is used for farms and pastures, in military applications, and for added security for commercial properties.

Triplitt Fencing offers a variety of barbed wire options in a variety of materials, gauges, tensile strengths, and performance features to meet your needs. Whether you're building a small backyard enclosure, securing a storage facility, or fencing in the back forty, our fencing professionals have you covered.

Frequently Asked Barbed Wire Fence Questions

Choosing the right fencing for your residential, commercial, or agricultural property is easy - just leave it to the pros at Triplitt Fencing. We're Oklahoma's stronger choice for superior barbed wire fence solutions. Barb wire fencing comes in different sizes, tensile strengths, and barb attachments for a variety of applications, and we'll listen to your needs and help you choose the right fence type to meet your needs. We offer expert attention to detail and professional practices, along with custom installation to ensure that your fence fits perfectly with the features of your land. Call us today to request a free consultation.

As a fencing professional, it's important to know the lingo. Either term is correct in describing the wires with barbs twisted on for added security. We've even heard it called "thorny wire," "Devil's rope," and the ever-popular "Bob wire," although we're not sure who Bob is. If you're not sure about your fencing, the best thing you can call is a knowledgeable expert who can guide you through your barbed wire fence installation process every step of the way.

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