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Piedmont, OK

At Triplitt Fencing, the promise we make to Piedmont area property owners is that our fencing will make their property stand out, stand up to the elements, and stand the test of time. Our fencing specialists at Triplitt Fencing never cut corners or rush jobs, but we're always timely and efficient. We want to be your go-to in Piedmont for custom fencing, superior workmanship, exceptional customer service, and results that meet the highest standards of quality.

Our fencing experts offer a wide range of fence types. Whether you're looking for the durability of a chain-link fence, the classic charm of a wood fence, the easy maintenance of a vinyl fence, or the elegance of an ornamental iron fence, we've got you covered. We also offer solutions for farm-style barbwire fencing and the added privacy of sheet metal fencing. Give us a call today at 405-669-6015 to request a free consultation for fencing installation or fence repairs in Piedmont and the surrounding areas.

Oklahoma's Stronger Choice - Your Piedmont Fence Company

We build fences for strength - whether you need a wood fence, chain link, barbed wire, or sheet metal! Triplitt Fencing is Oklahoma's stronger choice, and we custom-build our fences in ways that set us apart from the competition.

  • Our process for a wood fence build is called "stick building," which allows us to customize the fence to fit the unique layout of your yard. We build our wood fences picket by picket and put our hands on every single piece of material we use.
  • We ONLY use steel posts that will stand up to high winds, and we set each post in 1-2 bags of concrete for added strength and durability.
  • We do NOT use nails, we use screws. Screwing our fences together gives the fence added strength to prevent bowing and separating.
  • We customize every fence or gate we build, listening to the specific needs of our customers and delivering a superior product that will stand up to the OKC elements and stand the test of time.
  • We stand behind our workmanship, offering warranty coverage on our fence build construction.

At Triplitt Fencing our professionals are very specific about the way we build our fences and we want to be your go-to fence builder in Piedmont that delivers strong, durable, quality fencing that won't break the bank! Call us today to request services in the Piedmont area.


The Professional & Reliable Fencing Experts Triplitt Fencing

Experts In Piedmont Offering Quality Chain Link Fence Installation & More

The fencing professionals at Triplitt Fencing offer a broad range of fencing services for the Piedmont area that include:

  • Fence repair & fence installation
  • Gate repair & gate installation
  • Gate & fence staining
  • Gate & fence sealing
  • Chain link fencing
  • Barbed wire fencing
  • Wood & vinyl fencing
  • Ornamental fencing
  • Sheet metal fencing

Triplitt Fencing is fully licensed, insured, and bonded for your peace of mind and we offer free estimates for your convenience - plus we offer discounts for military and first responders and warranty protection on our services. Click on the link to schedule services in the Piedmont area.

About Piedmont

Piedmont is a fast-growing city with an exceptional quality of life. Our family-friendly atmosphere, abundant cultural events, and recreational opportunities make Piedmont the perfect place to call home. Piedmont's small-town rural charm is balanced with plenty of big-city amenities nearby. Whether you're strolling the pedestrian mall, taking in a show at the Old Town Community Theater, or enjoying the vintage shops downtown, there's a little something for everyone to enjoy in Piedmont.

If you're looking for an experienced fencing company for your home or business in Piedmont or the surrounding areas, the pros at Triplitt Fencing have you covered. We offer wood, chain link, ornamental iron fencing, and more. Call us today at 405-669-6015 to request a free quote for fencing in the Piedmont area.

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