Sheet Metal Fence Installation For A Safe & Stylish Oklahoma City Property

Sheet Metal Fence

If you're looking for added privacy and security for your Oklahoma City property, a sheet metal fence can fit the bill. Our sheet metal fence construction is exceptionally durable and resists rust and corrosion while standing up against the weather, organic growth, and insect damage. A sheet metal fence is 100% recyclable, making it an environmentally friendly option for fencing, and is available in a variety of styles and colors to bring your design ideas to life.

When it comes to fencing for your home or business, Triplitt Fencing is Oklahoma's stronger choice - we promise our customers that every fence we construct is built to last. We offer strong fences, quality workmanship, and prices that won't break the bank. Call us today at 405-669-6015 to request a free quote for sheet metal fencing in Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas.

Corrugated Metal Fencing

Corrugated metal fencing offers well-defined property lines and added security for your OKC property. Metal fencing can stand up to the elements - and withstand pushing, pulling, and attempted removal thanks to its innate strength.

When you choose corrugated metal fencing, you'll not only get the strength and security you're looking for, but a sheet metal fence can last for decades! Corrugated metal fencing is easy to install and requires very little maintenance, If you're looking for a sleek and timeless aesthetic for your Oklahoma City area home or business, click on the link provided to get started on your sheet metal fence project!


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Installing Sheet Metal Fencing

One of the surprising benefits of sheet metal fencing is that it can be easily customized to your space. Unlike chain link fencing or wood privacy fencing, sheet metal fencing has no gaps, delivering superior privacy that's difficult to scale or breach.

At Triplitt Fencing, we build our fences a little differently than our competitors and we're very specific about the attention to detail that we provide. We only use steel posts, which we fill with concrete once they're set to prevent them from falling over in high winds. Our corrugated metal panels are fastened with screws - instead of nails - to keep your fence from bowing or pulling apart.

Finally, we customize every fence and gate to meet the specific needs of our customers. From adding wood trim to custom post caps to inserting special "windows" for your pets, we've got you covered at Triplitt Fencing. Schedule a free consultation for sheet metal fencing or ornamental iron fence installation in the Oklahoma City area by calling the pros at Triplitt Fencing today!

Frequently Asked Sheet Metal Fence Questions

A sheet metal privacy fence uses corrugated metal panels in a wave-like pattern to define your spaces and provide you with added privacy and protection. Sheet metal fencing is available in a wide array of colors and can be trimmed out with wood or ornamental iron fencing to create a beautiful aesthetic for your Oklahoma City property. To find out more about our sheet metal fence installation for your OKC home, business, or agricultural property, give the pros at Triplitt Fencing a call today.

While the initial cost of corrugated metal fencing might be a little more than wood or chain link fencing, having a sheet metal fence installed can save you money over time. Sheet metal fencing is designed to last for years, and requires minimal maintenance to keep it in top condition. Unlike wood pickets which have to be replaced due to weathering, organic growth, or rot, metal fencing stands up to the Oklahoma City elements and can stand the test of time.

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